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July 18, 2010 1 comment
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Verbal Constipation

May 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Sometimes I look at this somewhat-neglected blog, and think of why I can’t blog as much as I did last time.

Apart from lack of time (which is the mother of all excuses), sometimes I am also having a case of verbal constipation.

What is verbal constipation, you say?

According to Google, verbal constipation is the “[d]ifficulty in expressing in words what one wants to say, especially if one has much to say”.

It’s like I have these gazillion ideas that I would like to write about, but whenever I sit down in front of the computer, WordPress’s Dashboard staring at me from the screen of my Eee PC, the words just won’t come.

Either that, or the words come in a spatter here, a spatter there, creating a mishmash that I disgustedly call a blog post, which I promptly delete.

What would be a good laxative for words?

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It Was All Crap

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Have you ever written or blogged about something, spent a lot of time checking the grammar and expressions, taken an effort to pepper it with photos and other multimedia contents, but at the end of it all you re-read everything you have written a couple of times and decided that it was all crap and thrashed the whole thing?

Well, it just happened to me. 😛

I shall try to write a more-proper post soon!

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Homeless on the WWW

November 11, 2008 10 comments

It’s only less than five hours after setting up my blog at, and I’m already sick of it…

When I first started blogging back in 2002, I started off with Blogger, hosted by Blogspot. In fact, you can still find my blog there–although later on I removed all the entries when I moved to a self-hosted one. Blogger (and Blogspot) was still under Pyra Labs at that time, and blogging was still very simple. Just write a post and publish it, no fancy things like categories or password-protected posts. You could modify your template to fit your needs, and in fact that was how I started taking my foray into web design seriously.

A couple of weeks later, I moved to a self-hosted domain, though the publishing platform was still Blogger. Blog-functionality-wise, there was practically no difference between self-hosted and Blogspot-hosted blogs. I did appreciate the directory password protection feature from the hosting company, which restricts access to the entire directory containing my blog.

A couple of months later, Google bought Blogger, but Blogger didn’t evolve as much as the other blogging platforms at that time.

That was when Ethan, a JC friend of mine, introduced Movable Type. At that time, Movable Type was the state-of-the-art publishing platform. The only catch was that the blog has to be self-hosted. Well, there was no problem. I migrated the entire blog into Movable Type.

I must add that the migration is not as simple as the current WordPress’s import feature. During those days, migration means manually modifying your Blogger template and settings to fit that acceptable by Movable Type, saving the resulting file, and then uploading and finally importing it into Movable Type.

So all was well, and I enjoyed the various functionality of Movable Type. Movable Type was one of the first to introduce the concept of plugins. I remembered that at one time I went into plugins-frenzy, and I did a quiz to see if the readers of my blog could find out what plugins I installed.

And then things started tumbling downhill. I started having problems with Movable Type (it is running on Perl, and Perl is a bitch), and they started charging for the use of Movable Type for multiple blogs and users. Not that I needed the features, but it was a catalyst that started my exploring other alternative publishing platforms.

And then came WordPress into the picture.

When WordPress started, there was no concept yet. Like Movable Type, you have to download the source code, upload it to your web hosting, and then configure it accordingly. Although the template system takes some time getting used to, WordPress runs on PHP, and it runs beautifully. There was also a lot of new features previously not available on other platforms, like password protection of posts.

And therefore, I made the switch to WordPress.

And all was well. I switched domains once during the time I was using WordPress, and the migration was as simple as copying the entire database and editing some variables. Of course, fixing the broken links was another matter altogether.

Around the time that I switched domains, blogs were also made available.

Like all things new, there was a lot of hype when it was announced, followed by a disillusionment when it finally came out, with all its quirks. strips its users naked a lot of codes, and among all things, it means that many JavaScript/CSS codes and IFRAME’s cannot be used in a blogs.

Those things didn’t affect me anyway, since I was on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

But then things started to take another turn, and this time it wasn’t the blogging platform’s fault. For reasons that are best kept as a secret (which may not be a secret to some), I finally let go of my domain, and hosting along with it. That left me with no place at all to host my blog.

Well, all was well as I took a break from blogging.

And here I am today, ready to start another blog. And I immediately thought of I set up a blog here, and lo-and-behold, I was nothing but disappointed. Although simple to set up, the limitations of is annoying. I can’t even install widgets from my favourite social networking site, nor can I set up a shoutbox. Editing templates is a chore not because of the difficulty, but because I have to pay to edit the CSS file.

So here I am now, homeless on the world wide web, looking for a place where I belong.

I am thinking of getting a new domain to get back the functionality of a self-hosted WordPress blog. But I have yet to decide on a domain name. Some of the domain names which are available that I can think of are:


I’m kind of against having a .sg domain since I do not really fancy the idea of tying my domain name to a specific country. is no longer available, and the only thing stopping me from getting a domain name with my surname is that my full name may not be easily memorized by someone who is not an Indonesian/Malay.

So what do you think? Should I go ahead and get a domain? Or should I play safe and go ahead with, which is potentially easier to memorize? Or is there no difference at all whether I use my full name or not?

Sincerely confused,

Brand New

November 11, 2008 7 comments

A brand new blog, a brand new beginning, same old boring me.

With similarly boring blog title to boot (duh, who on earth names his blog Untitled?!?).

It’s been many months–maybe years–since I last blogged with such a passion. It’s been one or two months since my domain–or should I say our domain– was deactivated, leaving me with no blogs to pour out what I’ve always been itching to write every now and then.

So here’s an attempt to resurrect that passion I used to have. To blog for the sake of blogging. Not to be invited to some blogger events, not to get invited to do product reviews, nor to make money (though those are always nice things to have, as an aside, heheh).

I’m not sure yet what I’m gonna write here. Only one thing is definite: It’s going to be as random as can be. Maybe mostly things to do with my life, my dream, and my passion. Some stories on flight simulation, and the journey towards reaching one of the things I have to do before I die–to fly.

Pepper with a few stories on my obsession with exotic places like Maldives, Christmas Island and Princess Juliana International Airport, among others, which again, I hope to visit before I die. In fact, maybe a lot of stories on my many obsessions. Probably a dash of humour here and there, and some links to interesting things I found on the net.

And maybe, though entirely unlikely, some romance.

Cheers to this brand new blog,

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