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It’s Real

I first heard of Olivia Ong on DK’s blog back in March. I dismissed Olivia Ong as just another Singaporean artist.

That was until one fine day when I was doing my final year project (FYP), I was bored and started looking for songs to accompany me all the way through the night. I immediately got hooked to two of her songs: Make It Mutual and Make It Together.

There was something about her voice that is pretty much addictive, not to mention that she is pretty too. For days on end, I would repeat the two songs over and over again, even with the sucky sound quality. In fact, it was exactly the two songs that I put on repeat as I was finalizing my FYP report and paper. On hindsight, I probably should have mentioned her name in the acknowledgments section of the report.

Since then, I’ve been listening to Olivia’s songs on IMEEM (hey, I didn’t have so much money to spend on actual CDs as a student ;)). It didn’t matter that many of her songs on IMEEM were just one-minute samples. I even bookmarked two of her playlists as favourites, and I would play the two playlists (again on repeat) as I completed my FYP.

Many months passed and I started working. Gradually, I stopped listening to her songs.

Another fine day, Daphne SMSed me to tell me that she got hold of Olivia’s album entitled Best of Olivia Ong. Old flames flared again I screamed (in the SMS) in jealousy, and being nice, she shared the album later. 😀

I got hooked all over again, and a couple of weeks later when I got my pay, I rewarded myself with another album: precious stones (yup it’s all in lowercase). I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that for at least the next one month, my playlist at work consisted of the songs from the two albums (I seem to have a thing with the number two and Olivia Ong), and nothing else.

Here’s another song from precious stones that I’ve been, and still am hooked to now.


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  1. December 17, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    She is wonderful! I first heard of her many years back while walking past a music store at Marina Square. I immediately turned to my friend and said, “Wow! Nice voice! Who is it?”

    We bought A Girl Meets Bossa Nova album one and two and it was so good!

    The chinese song for the show on Channel 8 at 9pm is apparently sang by her too!

  2. December 19, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    krisandro: Yeah, she’s wonderful! I wonder how could I have missed her (songs) for years. Oh, I don’t watch Chinese shows… or rather I don’t watch much TV. I’ll see if I can catch the song. 😛

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