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Sunny Sony

I’m sure that most of us are familiar with the company called Sony. Over the years, Sony has come up with various consumer products.

For some products, they have been so successful that people will know what the product is upon hearing the name, such as Discman, Walkman, or Cyber-shot. Others have names which are more… unique, such as the robot dog AIBO (which means “Love No” in a combination of Mandarin and Hokkien is homonymous with the word “pal” in Japanese), or the TV BRAVIA (where is the bra and where is the way? an acronym of “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture”).

But have you heard of another two, more obscure products such as PaSoRi and FeliCa?


The PaSoRi is a contactless card reader that you can use to read smart cards, such as the EZ-Link card. Supposedly, the user will be able to make payments online using their EZ-Link card, and top up their EZ-Link cards online.

How about the other product, FeliCa?

Here’s a hint: Most studying and working Singaporeans use it on a daily basis.

Need another hint? Here’s how FeliCa looks like:


And here’s another look at it:


Yup, FeliCa is a contactless RFID smart card, primarily for money cards. The name is a short form for Felicity Card. EZ-Link is just one of the many implementations of FeliCa. FeliCa is also used in the transport systems in Hong Kong, China, UAE, Netherlands, India, Thailand, USA, and Japan.

Pa, sorry,

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