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Flight Experience

December 27, 2008 8 comments

Some of you might have known that I am pretty much obsessed with aviation. One of the dreams that I have in the future is to be able to pilot my own airplane.

I am taking one step closer to that dream, and I have booked a 90-minute flight at Flight Experience for this Sunday, 28 December.

Flight Experience brings the commercial airliner pilot experience to normal people like you and me, by providing a fixed-base flight simulator that looks and feels like a Boeing 737-800 cockpit. Supposedly, it is so detailed that even airliners use the facility for training purposes. In Singapore, Flight Experience is located at Singapore Flyer, which is currently having a breakdown.

Here’s how it looks like inside:

Inside Flight Experience

Inside Flight Experience 2

Some shots of the overhead panel:

Overhead Panel

Overhead Panel 2

And the Flight Management Computer:


And here are two sample videos of the flights:

I am allowed to bring 2 guests for the flight. One is taken by my brother, while the other is still free.

I would like to invite one of my friends for the flight as a guest.

I intend to make the 90-minute flight a good learning experience. According to the planned itinerary, we will be covering basic flying skills similar to what is taught on a PPL (private pilot license) course, i.e. effects of controls, steep turns, stalls, circuit flying, etc.

As a guest, you won’t be allowed to touch any of the controls. However, you are welcome to listen in and learn a thing or two about the flight simulator experience. Probably, you will also get to understand my obsession with flying. Who knows, you might just be interested in flying yourself!

You don’t have to pay a single cent, the flight cost is on me.

To participate, drop me a message (email, MSN, SMS, comment, Plurk, or in fact any other ways you can reach me) and let me know why you should be chosen. Don’t worry, they don’t even have to be related to flying or aviation. 😉 I will contact you by end of day of 4 pm, 27 December if you’re chosen. I know it’s very tight, but I’ve just booked the flight today.

The terms and conditions are simple: you just have to be able to come to Singapore Flyer on time by 9.30 am on 28 December, and bring a photo ID along for identification.

Be aware that the flight is 90-minute long, and some people might experience motion sickness. Also, this is my first time using such a simulator, so don’t expect to get perfect landings on the first few tries. 😀

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008 1 comment

This entry is probably published a little late, but by the magic of WordPress’s timestamp editing feature, it seems to have been posted early on Christmas Day.

Well, anyway, here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

Actually, the real reason why I publish this entry is because I found a very interesting Christmas song on YouTube.

Have a look.

I mean, have a listen.

The song was done in Mario Paint, released in 1992 for the SNES. Don’t you think that the song produced is rather cute?

What is more interesting is that despite the limitation of Mario Paint (most notably the maximum limit of 3 notes at a time), adolfobaez, the composer, has managed to create a decent rendition of the song.

Here are other songs by the same person.

Summer Nights from Grease.

I Get Around by Beach Boys.

Check out more of his videos. If you like games, you’ll find many of his songs familiar.

In Pursuit of a Suit

December 24, 2008 9 comments

Some of you might have known that I will be flying home this end of the year to attend my cousin’s wedding ceremony reception. Among the first things that hit me was that since this is the wedding of my own extended family, I will need to wear a suit.

The next thing that hit me was the headache of finding a nice suit to wear.

A couple of days ago, my flatmate had kindly brought me on a tour of the so-called 4 shopping corners of Orchard Road/Scotts Road (namely Wisma Atria, Tangs, Marks & Spencers at Wheelock Place, and ISETAN at Shaw Towers). I didn’t buy anything from any of those places for two reasons: the price of the suit at those places are rather expensive, and I wanted to have a look at other more economical (i.e. cheaper) places for comparison.

It was only after I met up with Daphne, Sylv, and Darran over dinner at Suntec City’s Sizzler’s, that I brought up the topic of the suit with them.

Less than two hours after the dinner, I walked out of G2000 with a garment bag containing the suit, and a plastic bag containing the shirt, and matching pants. Also in the plastic bag is an extra T-shirt I bought in order to top up the spending to get two free $10 vouchers.

From Random

The gloomy weather and my lousy Photoshop skills didn’t do justice to the quality of the suit.

Total damage? $210.55.

Suit Blazer: $219.00 50% discount: $109.50
Suit Pants: $79.00 30% discount: $55.30
Formal Shirt: $59.00 30% discount: $41.30
T-Shirt: $33.00 Promotional price: $19.00
Garment bag: $8.00

Sub-total: $233.10
10% DBS card discount (for all items except garment bag): ($22.51)
Rounding: ($0.04)
Total: $210.55

Now I know how it feels like when girls go shopping.

Although it feels good to buy something that makes me look good, I also dread 3 February, when my credit card bill is due.

Anyway, many thanks to Daphne, Sylv, and Darran for accompanying and helping me choose a nice suit. 🙂

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Boss’s Reaction During Recession

December 22, 2008 2 comments

Got this from a forwarded email. Thought it was quite cute. 😛

Boss Reaction During Recession

In the beginning…
Boss: Be good, you will be fine.


After a week…
Must Work Hard k?


After a month…
Must Work Hard for “Lim Peh” you know!


After a Quarter…
Can you hear me? You must work hard!!!


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Desires for Egg Nog

December 21, 2008 2 comments

Egg Nog Desire

The blurb for this drink says:

“Egg Nog Desire

Inhale the aroma of traditional Egg Nog with a unique remix of liqueur coffee. tcc’s special creation just for you!”

I’m trying out this drink at tcc (The Coffee Connoisseur? TOP Coffee Connoisseur? Tantalising Caffeine Concoctions?) Suntec City right now. Don’t you think it looks pretty nice?

The coffee is good. The warm liqueur taste is quite strong, while the bitterness of the coffee is complemented by the sweetness of the chocolate rice. Mix that with eggnog, made of milk, cream, sugar, beaten eggs, and you get the perfect drink for the festive season.

A single-shot goes for $13.80++, while a double-shot one (pictured above) goes for another $1.20.

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Email Tip #2327

December 19, 2008 2 comments

Ever wanted to irritate the hell out of people you are supposed to send an email to?


Just write a simple email, attach a document, and send.

And then, realize that you made a typo error, change that error, and send again.

Then, discover that you shouldn’t put the words “Thank you.” on a line on its own, fix it, and then send again.

Go to your office, and well, just to be sure, send the email again.

And then be wary that the email system may have gobbled up your email, and send again.

Then make sure the email system really gives you an error (even though the email is already sent), and send again.

While you’re at it, let’s send the email one more time.


(Click for a larger view)

Irritating… BTW, this is the second time it happened.

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Fun with Time Dilation

December 18, 2008 2 comments

Time dilation is a phenomenon where an observer feels that another clock ticks at a slower rate compared to their own clock.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, clocks that are moving relative to an inertial system of observation are measured to be running slower. To put it in other words, a clock on a moving object seems to be running slower than one on a stationary object. The dilation is related to the speed, in that the faster the object moves, the slower the clock is.

One popular manifestation of this effect is in the story where one side of a pair of twins go on a journey on a space craft. The other twin, on the other hand, stays on earth. Ten years later on earth, the adjourning twin returns to earth. Although the twin that stays on earth has aged 10 years, the one that went on the space journey has barely aged one year.

Those who know the story of Planet of the Apes may find this phenomenon familiar. In the novel, the protagonist travels a few centuries into the future while on a space ship. From his point of view, he feels as if he is away only for several years on the space ship.

This phenomenon can probably be exploited in other ways. Remember that time dilation states that as you move faster, your clock will seem to move slower to others.

This brings a solution to a problem where an office worker feels bored while in the office, and is waiting for end of office hours to come. All he needs to do is to move as fast as possible, and the one minute that he feels may be ten minutes as felt by others (who for the sake of argument are assumed to be stationary here). From his point of view, he only needs to wait for one minute instead of ten. This brings a brilliant solution, one that will put an end to all office boredom.

The only problem he has to solve now is to figure out how he can move at such a speed (close to the speed of light), while at the same time staying intact and not broken up as he moves through air (and other objects).

It’s Real

December 16, 2008 2 comments

I first heard of Olivia Ong on DK’s blog back in March. I dismissed Olivia Ong as just another Singaporean artist.

That was until one fine day when I was doing my final year project (FYP), I was bored and started looking for songs to accompany me all the way through the night. I immediately got hooked to two of her songs: Make It Mutual and Make It Together.

There was something about her voice that is pretty much addictive, not to mention that she is pretty too. For days on end, I would repeat the two songs over and over again, even with the sucky sound quality. In fact, it was exactly the two songs that I put on repeat as I was finalizing my FYP report and paper. On hindsight, I probably should have mentioned her name in the acknowledgments section of the report.

Since then, I’ve been listening to Olivia’s songs on IMEEM (hey, I didn’t have so much money to spend on actual CDs as a student ;)). It didn’t matter that many of her songs on IMEEM were just one-minute samples. I even bookmarked two of her playlists as favourites, and I would play the two playlists (again on repeat) as I completed my FYP.

Many months passed and I started working. Gradually, I stopped listening to her songs.

Another fine day, Daphne SMSed me to tell me that she got hold of Olivia’s album entitled Best of Olivia Ong. Old flames flared again I screamed (in the SMS) in jealousy, and being nice, she shared the album later. 😀

I got hooked all over again, and a couple of weeks later when I got my pay, I rewarded myself with another album: precious stones (yup it’s all in lowercase). I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that for at least the next one month, my playlist at work consisted of the songs from the two albums (I seem to have a thing with the number two and Olivia Ong), and nothing else.

Here’s another song from precious stones that I’ve been, and still am hooked to now.


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December 14, 2008 1 comment

If you watched WALL-E, did you remember the scene where Eve and WALL-E were dancing around in space, and then enter the spaceship through a door which shut, leaving the welder robot outside?

Here’s a story about that welder robot, called BURN-E (Basic Utility Repair Nano Engineer). If you like WALL-E, you’re definitely going to like the short (just 07:35 in length) movie.

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A Week of Good Food

December 14, 2008 8 comments

Let’s have a quick look at my spending on dining out the past week:

7 Dec Beef hor fun at Geylang after the Slingers game $9
8 Dec Pastamania and tcc after Bloggers’ Calendar photoshoot $18.20
9 Dec KFC for dinner with Theresia, Melda and Wahyu $8.80
10 Dec Mad Pizza for dinner with Sylv $17.70
11 Dec Subway for dinner $9
12 Dec Ajisen for team member farewell lunch $16.15
13 Dec Ayam penyet for Jenny’s farewell lunch $12
13 Dec Ichiban Boshi for dinner with Theresia, Daphne and Darran $11.60

Total damage: $102.45.

No wonder I feel like I’m 5 months pregnant, on top of being so broke now. Got to eat less good food from now on till the next pay day!

The good news is, the next pay day is also bonus pay day. Yay!

5-month pregnant,

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